Case Study:
Capital Gain Tax Reduced To Zero

Client Problem

Our client sold an investment property and made a Capital Gain in excess of $1.6M. They approached Gotsis Accounting to determine if there were any provisions in the tax laws that they could take advantage of to reduce their tax liability to Capital Gain.

Tax Effective Recommendations

Following our detailed examination of the history of the property sold, its usage during the years it was owned by them, and other relevant factors, our client could not believe their luck when we presented them with the results that they could reduce their Capital Gains Tax to zero.

Firstly our clients, being individuals and having held the property for more than 12 months were entitled to a 50% concession on the Capital Gain.

Secondly, there was another 50% concession on the balance as our clients met the “active asset” test.

Finally, our clients had no tax liability, whatsoever, on the Capital Gain as they were entitled to take advantage of the “used for retirement” provision.

Real Tax Benefits’

So, out of a Capital Gain of more that $1.6Mno tax was payable by our clients. The surprising thing to our clients about this result was, as they said, there were no complex arrangements, no tax schemes, etc. Simply with the appropriate tax advice given by Sydney property investment accountant Gotsis Accounting, they took advantage of the tax law provisions and the Small Business Concessions.

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“I have found Gotsis Accounting to be outstanding! They are responsive, professional and have demonstrated on many occasions their deep knowledge about accounting and tax matters. Mr Gotsis listens to our needs, is accessible and has provided invaluable advice that has greatly helped our business. Gotsis Accounting looks after all of our personal and business accounts and provides financial and tax advice. They offer timely information and meet all deadlines. I am extremely happy with their service”


“I would like to recommend Dimitri and the team at Gotsis Accounting. They have provided me with extensive and timely advice on setting up and managing my SMSF as well as my personal taxation matters. As an executive, I am on the road a lot and often only get to think about things and send an Gotsis Accounting Website email after hours. I always find they are responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Their advice is well written and structured, and so I don't have to go back and ask further questions. I would recommend them to assist with taxation and SMSF issues based on my several years of experience now working with them”

Leanne, VP/GM Client Management

“They're flexible and accommodating, and it has to be above board. I've never reached out for them. Everything is always done on time”

Therese Metlege

“After one meeting I knew I was going to choose Gotsis. They made it so simple for me”

Paul Carey

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