Business Accountants and Tax Agent in Sydney

If you´re starting up and operating a small business, it´s likely that you´ll incur numerous costs in the first 12 to 18 months that might seem overwhelming. But with an experienced business accountant, it is possible to reduce these expenses. If you´re looking for a business accountant in Sydney who can provide you with the right advice and assistance for setting up your business, speak to the professionals at Gotsis Accounting.

Trusted Advice on Everything from Business Structures to Set-Up, Sale & Acquisition

The way you structure your business (whether you choose to operate as a sole trader, company Pty Ltd, trust, or partnership) can have implications on the amount of tax you pay. At Gotsis Accounting, our Sydney accountants and tax agent can determine which business structure is best suited for your particular circumstances. We can also help you to make an informed decision regarding the business structure that will safeguard your individual assets and real estate, and minimise tax liability in different areas, such as investment property tax.

Gotsis Accounting can assist in all stages of business setup, including formation and registration of companies, trusts and SMSF, and informing you who can be a beneficiary. We will ensure your business complies with ATO requirements and also with those of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Experienced Sydney Accountants and Tax Agents Working to Benefit Your Business

Additionally, we provide a range of other business services to meet your needs, including reviews, analyses, and appraisals. We can organise a Statement of Particulars for Annual Returns as well as carry out company searches and company registrations.

As a provider of accounting and taxation services for over 30 years, Gotsis Accounting has the experience and the knowledge to assist you with all your business structure needs, whether you´re seeking information about investment property tax or want to begin a new business. For trusted advice from an experienced business accountant in Sydney, contact us now on (02) 9713 1199 to speak to a member of our friendly team.